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Step 1: Design

1st - 2nd Week

The 1st and 2nd week is the Design phase here I spent my time designing from scratch your website. Understanding what makes it unique as well as stand out.

Step 2: Build

3rd - 4th Week

In the 3rd and 4th week once we have finalize the look and you see the direction we are going in. I then start to build the site and every Friday you receive a link to the preview website

Step 3: Check

Revise Check
5th - 6th Week

The 5th and 6th week I'm adding all the animations/interaction (basically dotting my "i's" and crossing my "t's") to the site as well as making sure you website is mobile responsive. Here I'm also adding the SEO to all your pages

Step 4: Launch

7th Week

Finally the last week here I wrap up all edits and information. On Launch day we go over the website, teach you and guide you through the your own personal client account and how to access the website